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Hand knitted mohair sweater, wool sweater, women sweater, men sweater by SuperTanya - European designer of handmade knitwear


Mohair sweaters & Wool sweaters

Shop designer mohair sweater directly from the maker. Find your next mohair sweater from the latest collection of women mohair sweaters. Browse the wide variety of handmade unique fashion sweaters for women online and choose your new mohair sweater or order a hand knitted sweater, made exclusively for you. In addition to the many women’s sweaters which you can shop at SuperTanya online boutique, here you can also shop among best selection of men’s sweaters. If you are searching for new wool sweater, here is the right place to stop searching any longer. The variety of designs, colors and shapes is limitless, but if even this is not enough, simply order your bespoke sweater and our team of masters in hand knitting will make a premium class custom made sweater, especially for you. The mohair sweaters for men are designed to ensure comfort for every man who loves to wear mohair sweater. At SuperTanya official site you can buy or order v neck sweater, turtleneck sweater, crew neck sweater and many other styles of designer sweaters. All our mohair sweaters are 100% handmade - guaranteed. In case that a wool sweater is the sweater you are shopping for, we can gladly offer you wool sweater too. Wool sweater for women or wool sweater for men can be quickly found at SuperTanya shop for hand knitted mohair sweaters, wool sweaters and other high end designer knitwear. SuperTanya designs embody the essence of the successful mix between modern fashion styles and evergreen classics, featuring the best practices of sustainable perfectionism and highest quality standards. The attention to details, which is unreachable for the mass production, makes the custom orders to SuperTanya a powerful tool for our creative clients, who live out of the box and beyond the boundaries of mass, everyday stuff.



Shop your new unique hand knitted wool cardigan, mohair cardigan, oversized jacket, knitted coat by SuperTanya


Mohair cardigans & Wool cardigans

The wool cardigan is a must have for every closet. The cardigan perfectly matches any outfit. The wool cardigan looks equally suitable in combination with formal suit, casual sweater or denim jeans. Shop SuperTanyaboutique for wool cardigan, mohair cardigan, big cardigan. Both women cardigan and men cardigan are essential part of the fashion. Fine knit V neck vest, fuzzy mohair cardigan or chunky wool cardigan – whatever style of hand knit cardigan you search, you can shop at SuperTanya store. The mohair cardigan is what you will need on Christmas or in chilly summer evening. Find your new mohair cardigan from SuperTanya or order your custom made hand knitted cardigan. Here you can also shop entire and complete outfits. Thanks to the wide variety of materials and patterns you will easily find a mohair cardigan, wool cardigan, chunky cardigan, oversized cardigan, women cardigan, men cardigan. The selection of color is also an easy task, thanks to the broad variety of different colors of mohair, wool, angora, alpaca, cashmere and other premium yarns. Black cardigan, white cardigan, red cardigan, blue cardigan, grey or brown cardigans – all in one place. Custom made sleeveless cardigan will keep you warm, while preserving your stylish look. If you search for ultimate comfort, order your bespoke cardigan and your new cardigan will be exclusively designed and hand knitted in full compliance with your needs. The “good old days” natural fiber materials are hand crafted with ultimate love and care for the customer’s complete satisfaction and incomparable comfort. SuperTanya best selection of materials, brings to our clients pleasure of the gentle touch of mohair, merinowool, rabbit angora, cashmere, alpaca and other exclusive materials.


Shop for hand knitted dresses by SuperTanya. Mohair dress, wool dress, cotton dress, summer dress, angora sweater dress


Sweater dress & Crochet lace cotton dress

Buy or order your own unique designer sweater dress, crafted by hand with unbeatable quality and affordable price. Crochet cotton dress for wedding, summer dress, cozy fluffy mohair sweater dress and hand knittedwool sweater dress – all in one place at SuperTanya shop. Elegant, stylish and sexy, this is what we offer for those, who shopdress or sweater dress. Little black dress is a must have for each women closet. White sweater dress always looks chick. Seductive red sweater dress – yes, we have it. Royal blue dress or green sweater dress – sure. At SuperTanya shop you will find, what you are searching for. If you have idea for your own design of sweater dress, we will gladly turn your dream dress into reality. Just place your custom order and your bespoke sweater dress will be hand knitted in no time and within your budget. Enjoy the gentle touch of soft and fuzzy mohair sweater dress or emphasis the women body curves with tightly fitted elastic cable knit dress from soft merino wool. Be sexy, be cozy and always enjoy the touch to your skin with SuperTanyasweater dress, hand knitted with premium materials, like mohair, wool, angora, alpaca and cashmere. Women and men are not standard shaped. Order your new dress and SuperTanya will knit it according to your unique body for your ultimate comfort. The experience of SuperTanya own team of craftsmen knitters is gained in decades of creating the finest masterpieces of the hand knitting art. Thanks to knitting techniques, proven for centuries, SuperTanya knitwear is not just adorable garments to wear, but also pieces of interest for collectors. Each purchase from SuperTanyaboutique for hand crafted knitwear is an investment in inheritable pieces of art.

Mohair Knitwear

Mohair is made from the hair of Angora goats, which are usually bred for their fuzzy hair. Around 50 percent of the mohair in the world is produced in South Africa in special facilities with strict hygiene requirements and high standards in order to keep the hair clear of debris.Mohair is said to be one of the oldest fabrics. It originates from the angora goats in the mountains of Tibet. Mohair has been used for decades and continues to be used because of its many features. The hair of the goats is shorn with special electric shears which cause no pain neither stress to the animals. The goats are usually shorn twice a year and a goat’s fluffy hair is usually only around five kilograms. Angora goats, unlike common goats, are single coated so they are warm thanks to the amazing properties of their hair. Mohair’sfluffiness ensures that you will be warm during the winter and cool during the summer and that is why soldier uniforms during the Second World War were made from mohair. The fibre is smooth and therefore it stays clean unlike regular wool. Mohair is not flammable like other fabrics, it is low flammable and its ignition temperature is 600 degrees Celsius so it is a safe fabric for household textiles. It is one of the most durable fabrics and therefore mohair knitwear lasts really long. It is a premium fabric and it gives you a comfortable feel, it allows your body to breathe. Mohair knitwear can be brushed in order to feel softer and have better insulation abilities. It has really fine fibres, usually around 30 microns and fibre fineness is of big importance. Mohair has amazing elastic properties accompanied by the strength of the fibre which makes it so suitable for clothing. The fabric also has good water absorbance and it can absorb around thirty percent of its weight without making you feel wet which is an important characteristic for the comfort of your clothing. One of its many features is that it absorbs dye very well and that is why the colours of mohair yarn are so saturated, vibrant and long lasting without leaving any stains. These are just few of the many reasons why mohair is so popular nowadays and why most of SuperTanya’s designer clothing is made from this fabric. It can be used for hand knitting hats, scarves, boleros, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, coats, pants, shorts, underwear, socks, blankets and an assortment of household decorations. All these type of mohair knitwear can be found here - at

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